Hyper-Sonic Nozzle, Size 1 - 60ml

Item number: SP30301

Boost Cooler 20µ atomising Hyper-Sonic-nozzles with different flow rates for the Boost Cooler system, including 80µ fine mesh filter.

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Boost Cooler atomising nozzles with different flow rates for the Boost Cooler system.

The Hyper-Sonic nozzle is the worlds best selling, most advanced, and easiest to use water-meth nozzle. Constructed out of methanol resistant stainless steel, the patented Hyper-Sonic™ design spins the fluid to supersonic levels before forcing it through a venturi shaped orifice to create the "Hyper-Sonic" 20 micron droplet mist that has become the industry leader in water-methanol technology.

Complete with a 80 micron filter, the Hyper-Sonic nozzle can be cleaned and re-used on any application. To unlock power hidden within your water-methanol injection system replace your nozzles with Hyper-Sonic nozzles today. It's the last water-methanol injection nozzle you will ever need to buy.

The key to water injection is how fine the fluid droplets are upon injection. The smaller the droplets, the more total surface area per volume injected which results in more heat reduction = more power. Because of this fact, more cooling can be done with less fluid. More of the intake charge can be filled with cold O2 - not water

To use our nozzles, you need our Boost Cooler nozzle holder (art.no. SP30202). The nominal flow data relate to 60 psi pump pressure.