Boost Cooler Stage 3 TD LCD

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Award-winning system - our top model for your turbo diesel! True 2D-Mapping (Boost/EGT), with a new programmable LCD-display!

The Stage 3 Diesel Boost Cooler are the most comprehensive water-methanol injection kits Snow Performance makes. Recommended for all turbo diesels, great for towing, EGT-control a.s.o. If the exhaust gas temperature increases despite a constant boost pressure, as is the case with trailer operation, then the injection volume adjusts automatically to reduce the exhaust gas temperature of the engine.

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Boost Cooler Waterinjection

Obtain up to 15-25% more power in your turbodiesel engine, even if it´s pre-tuned, by using the Boost Cooler™-Water/Methanol Injection System!

Waterinjection is very effective on Diesels - unlike gasoline engines, the power in a turbo diesel is largely a function of fuel. The problem with continually adding fuel is that you create an over-fueling condition and reach a point where the exhaust gas temperatures become prohibitive (over 700°C). A water/alcohol mix will decrease EGT's while increasing power.

The water or water/alcohol mixture is sprayed into the combustion chamber. In the evaporation process of the previously injected liquid, diesel fuel is "breakage" and a very fine diesel mist is generated. This results in a power increase because the diesel burns more completely, rather than discharged partially burning or unburned as exhaust gas. When changing the aggregate states of water in steam, its volume increases greatly. The steam expansion also increases the engine torque.

Furthermore, the Boost Cooler doesn't create an intake restriction like an intercooler, reduces intake air temps up to 60°C and improves charge air density, too! Snow Performance systems effectively steam clean the valves, valve seats, and even the piston tops and intake when they inject. This reduces carbon build up. The Boost Cooler™ can be installed in a matter of hours without having to remove bumpers or do custom intake piping.


Variable controller and cockpit display

The Stage 3 Diesel Boost Coolers™ are some of the most comprehensive water-methanol injection kits we make! This controller senses not only manifold boost pressure but also exhaust gas temperatures. Using two inputs allows for the smoothest injection control. More importantly, it also keeps the EGTs as low as possible – if they begin to climb, even if the boost stays constant, the Stage 3 controller will read this and inject more water-methanol to compensate. The adjustments to the delivery on the fly are accomplished with two easy-to-use push buttons, allowing for more or less injection, or switching from both boost & EGT referenced injection.



  • Variabel injection via boost and exhaust temperature (EGT)
  • The most advanced system on the market – true 2d mapping for smooth power – always
  • Systems for virtually any turbo diesel (TDI/TDCi/TDS/etc.) up to approx. 2,000 hp.
  • Dash mounted module – displays real time – no need for gauges.
  • More power and torque possible of up to 15-25%
  • Reduction of the thermal loading in already modified turbo diesel, such as chip tuning.
  • Reduction of exhaust gas temperature (EGT) of up to 120° C - ideal for tuned engines or trucks.
  • No charging pressure loss as in conventional intercooler, highly efficient! Additional cooling of the charge air of up to 60° C possible.
  • Reduction of specific fuel consumption by up to 10-15%
  • Reduction of nitrogen oxide formation & carbon emission with full load acceptance, ideal add-on to DPF.
  • Deposit free combustion chamber and air intake, without formation of carbon.
  • Individual consulting and configuration are possible.
  • Easy installation and setup.